EDDM Printing

EDDM Printing

The Basics of EDDM Printing


Upon the start of a new business, one of the biggest decisions a person would have to make is on how he will be able to market his business to the local neighborhood.  He could set up signs and posters on places frequently passed by people or he could put up an advertisement on the local newspaper.  However, the chances of all people around the area noticing his advertisements, signs, and posters would be far from 100%.  This is because not everyone reads the newspaper and not everyone passes by the area where he chose to put up his signs and posters.  A more effective form of advertising today comes in the form of EDDM printing.

EDDM: What Is It?

For starters, EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) printing is a new type of mailing system developed by the United States Postal Service which benefits local businesses, retailers, and other businesses that are based on location.  Simply said, the EDDM system provides benefits to businesses by allowing them to market their services and products through mail.  These EDDM mails do not require names or addresses since they are dropped on every delivery point specified on the carrier’s route.  Another reason why this system is popular is because of its very low rates.

Minimum or Maximum Amount of Mail

For small businesses, the best option would be the cost-effective and simplest option.  This option allows businesses to send about 5000 pieces of mail per day.  It also does not require a business to obtain a mailing permit.

For businesses who want to send more than 5,000 mailings, then they can make use of the other option in which they would have to submit their mailings to a BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit).

Benefits of EDDM Printing

Upon reading the definition of EDDM, one can already get a glimpse of the benefits this service.  The following list helps put these key benefits into detail.

(1)   EDDM allows businesses to extend their business via mail without the need to obtain mailing permits, lists, and the fees included.

(2)   Businesses will be able to send mail throughout their area at an affordable postage rate.

(3)   Business owners can opt for postcards in larger format which can garner better potential consumer response.

(4)   EDDM can saturate an entire zip code or city with a business’ marketing message or advertisements.

How to Sign Up for EDDM

Signing up for EDDM Printing services is not complicated at all.  The most basic step a person can do is to fire up the Internet and search for websites that offer this type of mailing service.  Once a person finds a website offering EDDM, he will be asked to fill up a form in which he will have to specify the size, quantity, paper stock, shipping options, etc.  Afterwards, he will be able to get an estimate on how much it will cost for the EDDM prints to be mailed, along with information on how he will be able to pay the company for the job.

In this era when multiple businesses are in competition to make their name known, EDDM is a useful tool any small-scale businesses can take advantage of to make sure their names effectively reach their customers’ doorstep.

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